Client: AES Gener

Project: Development of initiatives that promote the sustainability and self-sufficiency of fishing villages in the Valparaiso Region of Chile.

As part of the organization impact management actions, AES Gener has proposed working on stakeholder outreach, specifically with communities neighboring their projects. “Caleta Sustentables” is part of this proposal. This is a project aimed at developing capacities and promoting sustainable projects in communities in Puchuncaví Bay in the Valparaiso Region. We specifically worked with the Papagayo, El Manzano, and El Embarcadero communities. A community diagnostic assessment was conducted during this process together with the Fundación Ingeniería Sin Fronteras, in order to understand their problem areas from a comprehensive standpoint. An analysis was also performed at the same time to identify their current business model and infrastructure, and, thus, understand their immediate needs and identify opportunities that would allow them to align their projects with the Sustainable Development Goals.

This resulted in projects that would allow these fishing villages to diversify their income, add greater value to their products, and reduce their dependence on the availability of current fishing. Main working themes were defined to respond to the primary gaps detected. Initiatives were also proposed, as well as trainings, and the implementation of an infrastructure to attain the co-created vision, along with metrics and milestones for AES Gener to be able to monitor progress on these projects.