COPEC, abordando el cambio climático de forma estratégica

Client: COPEC S.A

Project: Review and strategic improvement from a sustainability standpoint COPEC environmental strategy was studied to define strategic guidelines for tackling climate change. This strategy addresses issues including climate change, biodiversity, and the circular
economy, in terms of targets, goals, initiatives, and metrics. With this foundation, an analysis was conducted on the current state of affairs, in light of the indications provided by science and how the industry has behaved. This allowed us to define a vision for COPEC that addresses important targets, such as:

● Being carbon neutral by 2030, within the area of climate change.
● Being a zero-waste company by 2029, within the area of circular economy, by reusing beverage bottles in their Prontos and Puntos convenience stores.
● Generating a net positive impact by 2039 in relation to their impact on biodiversity, while promoting the care and protection of the 39 ecosystems located between Arica and Punta Arenas.

Lastly, this vision is based on the fact that COPEC envisions a future where it will reap more profits from renewable energy than from fossil fuels. The project also promoted the renaming of the company from “Compañía de Petróleos de Chile” (“Petroleum Company of Chile”) to Copec, S.A., thus removing the word “petroleum” from its business name.