Why Manuia?

There are more factors at play now. Strategy, business execution, and financial soundness are all part
of the equation for a company performance aligned with the environment and communities. This age’s mission is to bring about a triple impact.

Creating prosperity in the broadest sense of the word is the new way. Collaboration. Where business and purpose are intertwined. Where not all the answers come from within a company.



Here at Manuia, we consult companies of all different sizes, sectors, and regions, to connect with and anticipate changes that are occurring throughout the world. This allows them to recognize these. processes in time, understand them, and adapt to them by reducing exposure to risk and exploring the opportunities these changes can offer. We know at Manuia that in order to achieve this, companies need to reflect on these changes at every level, integrate them into their way of perceiving their surroundings, and afford them the proper importance they deserve. This is where we believe the greatest challenges lie. Just like with living beings, we know that sustainability is a culture, and when it is foreign to you, you need someone native to translate for you, to show you and teach you.



When we embarked upon this journey at the beginning of 2009 in the TriCiclos Foundation, it seemed like a pipe dream to imagine that companies would grow with this triple result as a central focus. So, we used ourselves as an experiment. Our progress was remarkable, as we helped to redefine the logic of prosperity itself.
When we look at nature, we feel we are part of the evolution of species. Just like other living things, we have been growing, mutating, transforming, and expanding our capacities, all while our surroundings have been changing as well.

The corporate sector is very different now than what it used to be at the dawn of this century. There are increased requirements, the level of awareness has grown, and expectations are increasingly aligned with this concept of triple result. Sustainability currently plays a fundamental role in aspects of business competitiveness. We have seen how our clients have improved, and we have often been the agents of change behind these transformations. Moreover, our own evolution is also the result of the change we have encouraged within. Over these last twelve years, we have had the privilege of being at the forefront in creating sustainable trends for the corporate world. This has allowed us to keep pace with the global trend in circular economy through privileged occasions with the World Economic Forum, together with William McDonough, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, PACE, Scale360, UNIDO and many others.

In turn, we also participated actively in the evolution of the global plastic industry as the lone Latin American organization in The New Plastics Economy initiative. We then brought the Plastics Pact to Chile as the third country in the world to formalize this network. We were also present in the globalization of B Corporations and in the creation of Sistema B, and we were the first B Corp outside of North America. We also participated in various developments and initiatives of the B Economy. For example, we had an active role in the creation of SDG Action Manager as a concrete way of linking the business sector to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) agenda. In recent years we have had an active role in the global climate change agenda as we help to incorporate a circular economy with climate action, ESG criteria, and achieving the SDGs.

The “descent with modification” theory states that beings learn from their environment, and their body is able to specialize and mutate into a new, more capable being. TriCiclos epitomized this theory, not only as pioneers in the development of circular economy with the waste reception project, but also in the ongoing development of new capabilities, such as the “Re” app, a project and alliance with Mercado Circular, Retorna, and many more. Thanks to these tools, now we are better prepared to be able to contribute in a more concrete way to the applied circular economy. And this was the origin of Manuia, a Rapa Nui term for “prosperity.”


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